“The Beach House” – Jane Green

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    [pull_quote_center] Nothing in this world happens without a reason. That we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, and that the pieces of the puzzle have a tendency to come together when you least expect it.[/pull_quote_center]

    the beach house

    casa de pe plaja

    What is the perfect holiday for you? Whether  summer or winter, for me holiday is all about sea and sun. That’s how I got to this weeks’ recommendation.

    I was looking through the books I have on the list of recommendations and my eyes fell on Jane Green’s book, ‘The Beach House’. First and foremost, I wanted to recommend something about this particular period – the Christmas season – but something did not click. Why not escape reality? Why not dream about sand and blue sea, about hot summer days?

    ‘The Beach House’ is not only the perfect place to spend a quiet holiday, but it is also the place where people rediscover themselves, friendship, joy and the promise of a new beginning. Jane Green presents us several characters, apparently unrelated, that will meet at some point and their destinies will change. The house from Nantucket beach is the place where our characters will meet: Daniel, a man haunted by the failure of his own marriage, and also by a secret that he isn’t able to reveal (yet!); Daff, a divorced mother who tries to communicate with her teenage rebel daughter; Michael, the house owner’s son, who is caught in a complicated relationship with his married boss. Nan, the owner, founds herself in a difficult situation. She’s about to lose the house and the past seems to return in force, leaving her speechless. Trying to save the house, Nan decides to rent rooms during the summer. This is the perfect opportunity to restore joy to this place, as a tribute to long forgotten times.

    The author “draws” some seemingly complicated stories where the characters are trapped in some difficult situations, but she also comes with solutions that bring smiles to readers, it makes them think that there is a solution for every problem and everything happens for a reason. Yes, there are lots of clichés, but this simple message – that everything happens for a reason – made me love this book.

    ‘The Beach House’ is not only a chick-lit that you’ll not be able to put down ‘till the end, but it is the place where you’ll wish to go. This is the house that changes destinies, that connects people, that place that brings smiles even on the saddest faces.

    ‘The Beach House’ is the perfect book to read these days, during the holiday season. I’m sure you need to escape from your everyday life and to fill up with optimism.

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