Nature in your home & art at your feet

    Until recently, I paid little attention to the importance of natural wood in my home, to the way it feels, smells, to the atmosphere that it creates.  Even more, until recently, I didn’t think that flooring is such a key element in home design, and so I paid more attention to the furniture & accessories than to my floors. But, it all changed when I saw this:

    I have never imagined that flooring could look so gorgeous, that it could have such an amazing modern design, such different shapes, that you almost feel sorry you have to walk on it….. And yet, to wake up every day and step on pure art; it must feel good…

    The creative minds behind Listone Giordano managed to find the perfect balance between science and wood design, bringing art at your feet. The Natural Genius Collection is exactly that, genius! Under the brand you will discover 2 more amazing wood floor collections of authentic charm and contemporary lifestyle, but the Natural Genius is definitely my favorite.

    Natural wood brings character and warmth to your living space in a way no other material can. Wooden floors are suitable for both antique and modern settings, for a traditional or an avant-garde ambiance, and never fail to create a refined and contemporary feel. It’s the mix of all the design elements that give your home its own unique personality.

    Your floor is the foundation on which you lay all the other home design elements, so, quality, design & durability are equally important. If the Italians from Listone Giordano are masters of design, the Swedes from Kahrs are the inventors of the modern wood floor and one of the oldest wood floor manufacturers in the world. Bringing quality in wood since 1857, it is probably one of the most trusted brands, an innovative company with such a complex collection that satisfies even the most demanding tastes.

    Your home should be an expression of who you are, your origins and memories. Wood is a living material that contains memories, that should be respected and never wasted, as it’s one of Earth’s precious resources… All these floor collections are made with wood from sustainable managed forests, maintaining the forest’s natural balance.  They are beautiful, cool, eco-friendly and most important baby friendly, as they don’t use any chemical colors. Besides the overall look of natural wood, one of the most important aspects is that it does not affect your health like laminate flooring.  I’m sure you will find these 2 brands in almost every country; in Romania they are available through”Parchet pe viata” (“Hardwood Flooring for a Lifetime”).


    As I have come to respect wood and the designers who shape it in so many amazing forms, I have to admit that from now on, floors in home design have a new meaning for me, and hopefully for you too.

    Kiss Kiss,


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