I recently attended an event dedicated to winter weddings, that took place at Bella Sposa main showroom, on Bd Dacia 153-155, Bucharest. The event also marked the launch of the new Bella Sposa Collections of wedding and evening dresses and the Crystal Gothic Jewellery Collection  by Preciosa. Besides the 2 beautiful collections, that I’m going to tell a little bit about right now, the theme of the event was winter weddings, how glamorous they can be and what a great alternative they are to the spring – summer – early autumn weddings.

Photos from the event (Ascendent Arts & my own archive):

In Bella Sposa’s 2 showrooms you’ll always find a great selection of wedding and evening dresses   from some of the biggest names in the wedding industry, like La Sposa, San Patrick, Demetrios or Enzoani, and of course wedding accessories. Big names come with great style and innovation, so at the launching event I got to see the new  “2 in 1” dress  (model: Raisa) from La Sposa.

Yes, 2 dresses in 1, you read it wright. It’s a mermaid dress in tulle with a full detachable skirt, so in less than a minute you go from a classic bride to a badass-sexy-ready to break the dance floor bride. 🙂 Over the time a lot of designers tried to offer versions of a 2 in 1 dress, including myself at one point (I did it as a custom made dress for a bride). This one that I just saw is so well done that you don’t even notice that the skirt can be detached.

The lace continues to be the star of these collections, especially lace on nude tulle,  but there are a few with less embellishments, beautiful as well. I saw a few dresses with hidden pockets, perfect for a tissue or a cigarette. I know a few persons that would have wanted a hidden pocket for a cigarette to sneak out for a quick smoke. 🙂

As any bride needs jewellery too, Preciosa launched its Crystal Gothic Collection, made with the finest Bohemia Czech Crystal and inspired by gothic elements. They are perfect for the modern bride, who wants a different kind of jewelry for the most important day of her life.

Adore Cakes were amazing, so so amazing. I’m a sweets lover, I would eat like a tone if I could and if they wouldn’t go exactly where they shouldn’t.  Trust me when I tell you they were really good, and only good manners stopped me from eating too many…  The Candy Bar was also inspired by the winter theme, with lovely cookie ideas.

Overall, a beautiful event, with lots of ideas on winter weddings, ideas that I’m going to tell you more about in my next article, Winter Wedding Wonderland – part 2, as I want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the winter wedding.

The entire Bella Sposa and Preciosa collections are now available on their websites and in their stores.

Dresses: Bella Sposa

Jewelry: Preciosa Romania

Sweets: Adore Cakes

Flowers: Floraria Mobila


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