2 nights ago I attended the first Fashion Spree Event on Baratiei 33, Bucharest, near Cocor store. 3 creative brands organized this event: Men’s Cave, Hotstepper and Urban Hairdressers. There were lots of people there, and I means lots, because the party was really in the street, so everyone could come, pre-invited or not. The element that all these brands have in common is a creative style, modern and classy at the same time.


You can see a lot more photos from the event right here

Men’s Cave is exactly that…a style ‘cave’ for men, where they will find anything from shirts, stylish pants and jackets in cool colors and modern cuts, shoes and accessories. After a shopping session at Men’s Cave, your man should look like this… 🙂

mens cave men's cave

mens cave

Next to Men’s Cave is the Women’s Shoes Cave, otherwise known as Hotstepper. A small boutique with tens of shoes, from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. There are so many shoe styles there that I feel the need to go back and spend some time to make sure I saw everything. From what I’ve learned, you can order one custom made for you. In the meantime you can check their website to understand what I’m talking about. Trust me, you have plenty to choose from. The hand painted shoes are really amazing with stories to tell…about you, about the bright side, about having fun and not taking life to serious.

Hotstepper (2)

Hope I gave you 2 more interesting places to shop and hope I discover more,


Photos: Men’s Cave, Hotstepper

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