How I lost 10 kg and never put it back again (Part 3)

    As this is the 3rd part of the “How I lost 10 kg…” series, I will tell you how I managed to keep my weight under control for so many years without making too many efforts.

    As I told you in part 2, it took one moment to realize that the right way to lose weight is the healthy way and almost 1 year to do it. I believe I made the best decision that paid of in 13 years (and counting) of keeping my body in shape, without going to the gym or any restrictions, just a balanced, healthy and a decent way of living.

    This is how I did it…

    1. If I eat sweets, I try to do it mostly in the first part of the day, and not like a chocolate a day. Measure is the my key to success
    2. If I have 1-2 days when I eat more than I should, or maybe I eat later, the next 2-3 days I will be more careful and eat less and probably a lot more vegetables  
    3. I still eat bread only when it’s necessary
    4. I rarely drink sodas and I don’t feel the need anymore
    5. I rarely drink alcohol, which I don’t know if you knew but contains lots of calories. For example a large glass of wine contains as many calories as an ice cream. 

    I don’t go to the gym, but I’m a mom so my kid keeps me in shape. Before becoming a mom I just worked a lot and stayed home as less as I could, so this “always doing something” kind of life was consuming enough. I just try to keep my life as balanced as I can, and that includes my meals. I’m just a little bit careful about what I eat and I believe that a little bit of measure won’t hurt anyone.

    I eat everything I want and I drink everything I want, just not all in one day :). I know my body very well now so if I gain 1 kg, I know it without checking my weight and I take measures for the next few days, like less sweets and bread and more salads to balance the ”damage” :).  What that Montignac diet did, combined with my own personal way of applying it, changed the way my body “worked”. My body got used to this weight I felt as the perfect one for me, and even after gaining 12 kg during pregnancy, after 3 days I lost 7 kg and the rest 5 kg during the next 5 months, naturally, without trying at all. I believe that if you really want to, you can change your eating habits and become more conscious about how you treat your body. It will reward you with energy and self-confidence.


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