What not to wear – ‘Sequins mini dress’ at the mall

    When did a sequins mini dress became OK for a lunch meeting at the Mall?

    Not so long ago I was having lunch with a friend at a local Mall, when a young lady caught my attention. She was wearing a black sequins mini  dress and high heeled pumps…very close to the image below.


    You can just imagine my face… I don’t even want to state the reasons why this was inappropriate, because it’s so obvious.  If there is something to be learned out of this, is that when choosing an outfit one must always consider time, place and purpose.

    I’m not against sequins, and in the right doze I think they bring a little bit of sparkle to an outfit, but they are more appropriate for evening. If you want to read more on “How to wear sequins”, check this article.

    Kiss Kiss,


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