How to wear statement jewelry

    Needless to say, I looooove accessories.

    I’ve started making accessories just because I had all these ideas in my head of how I wanted my necklace to look like, and if I could make it myself instead of searching every store for the one I wanted, why wouldn’t I? I have lots of jewelry, in different sizes and styles. You name it, I have it.

    I like any kind of jewelry, from simple to bold, mostly because I strongly believe in accessorizing. My style is simple, so my accessories complete the look. But the ones that really do the trick are the statement necklaces.

    Some of you like them, some of you are scared of using them, and some of you hate them. I can understand each and every one of you.

     If they appeal to you, but you’re not quite sure how to “wear” them, here are the 2 most important rules:

    Less is more.

    Apply this rule when it comes to style in general…but especially when it comes to bold pieces.

    I usually wear one statement piece of jewelry, but you can choose a max of 2. Do not wear them close to each other.

    NO statement earrings + statement necklaces

    NO statement rings + statement bracelets

    Create contrast.

    Statement pieces are made for simple clothes. They look perfect on a little black dress, a simple shirt or a sweater.  You can use multicolored necklaces on solid colors, or just the opposite.

    Get inspired from this gallery:

    Pictures: Pinterest

    Now that you’ve learned the basics when it comes to wearing statement jewelry, I hope you’ll use them more to give the right sparkle to your outfits.

    Kiss Kiss,



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