“Call from an Angel” – Guillaume Musso

    I don’t know where my road leads, but I know that I walk better when I hold your hand.

     – Alfred Musset

    Some books have the power to keep us captive in their world. They twist their magic words around us until we have lived the entire story. Of course, there are books that let us choose how the story ends, and, I must say, this is the reason why sometimes we remain suspended between books. We cannot, or don’t want to get out of that beautiful story and embrace another one.

    Chemarea ingerului

    L'Appel de l'ange

    Call from an Angel is one of those books that require some time after reading in order to live the story and complete it, even though you may not want to finish living it.

    One day, in an airport waiting room, a man and a woman collide. They throw each other disapproving words and move on. Two strangers, one moment of distraction and two destinies changed for good.

    Normally, each of them would mind their own paths and lives. But when they reach the destination, they discover that they changed phones by mistake. And there and then begins the “magic”.

    Madeline and Jonathan, who are thousands of miles away from each other – she is in Paris, while he is in San Francisco – start to investigate those magic devices that fell into their hands. Although they had intended to return the phones, the two strangers are taken over by curiosity as they discover each other’s secrets, tied up in some sort of mystery. And when the other one’s secret is related to your own life, then you definitely want to know more, to end it once and for all with the secret that you thought buried and to solve the mystery that revolves around it.

    When I first read about this book, I didn’t understand why they called it a thriller. A romantic novel, yes, it is the author’s style. But thriller? Even after reading the first few pages, I had the feeling that somehow a mistake had slipped in somewhere. Yet Musso managed to surprise me again.

    As Madeline and Jonathan intertwine their destinies and concerns in solving the mystery of their lives, they manage to see beyond appearances, to discover things that they wouldn’t have been able to discover on their own. They start the adventure together, which will lead to self-discovery and choosing the path that will make them happy.

    More than a love story, Call from an Angel is the story that teaches us – in a beautiful way – that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason.

    ‘And where is the thriller’ you would ask. You’ll discover it by reading this book. You find it between the lines, between the pages, and you’ll be surprised. I won’t take this from you, the pleasure of discover the mystery. And you’ll be surprised by the end of the story! I guarantee you’ll love it!

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