Fashion changes… we all know it. You buy something now and you’re very in style, and next year is outdated. Sometimes, if you make the right choices, you might get lucky and a certain “trend” comes back in a few years. YAY! You can save some money now.

And there they are, the few items that never go out of style… the “jackpot” of fashion:

  1. Jeanslevis_jeans2
  2. Classic blazerhmprod
  3. Little Black Dress0026-constructed-crepe-dress-hover-4-256x328
  4. Pencil skirtnissa_pencil_skirt
  5. Leather jacketzara_leather_jacket
  6. White shirtmango_shirt1
  7. Trench coatburberry_trench
  8. Flatspretty_ballerinas

[quote_box_center]Don’t be afraid of the classics![/quote_box_center]

They are the classy classics, the ones we probably all should have in our wardrobes. I said probably, because I’m not going to “force” you to wear a trench if you don’t like one or a skirt if you are a pants lover. Your style, your choices. But, what I wanted to emphasize is that these are the pieces worth spending your money on, the key items in creating an outfit. Consider them an investment and trust me, you won’t regret it.

Do you have them in your wardrobe?

!! Click on the pictures to see where to find them.

Kiss Kiss,


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