The 5… Classic Riding Boots under 100 Euro

    To me, classic riding boots are a winter essential. As I have said before, I do love how high heels make me look (and feel sexy), but I’m not so crazy about walking in them all day long. So, my choice is always comfort and style… In winter, I do wear winter clothes and shoes (because I’m literally shivering from November till’ March) and you’ll see me in my riding boots mostly all the time.

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    Why do I like them so much? For the same reason that I’ve been “nagging” you about since I’ve started blogging and that is they do not get out of style … I just loooove this kind of items. I feel like I’m investing, not just buying. What can I say,  I’m proud when I can still wear a dress that I’ve bought years ago , because it means that I’ve made a smart choice…that and the fact that I can still fit in it!  (me sooo happy)

    Back to boots now (I know I talk too much, but just bear with me)… 🙂

    I have boots that I’ve wore for years and never felt like they went  out of style. But there’s a trick if you want to wear it for more than one – two seasons! Be careful when you choose your boots, pay attention to details, on how rounded or pointed they are, and choose one somewhere in between, with not so many embellishments. And the most important thing is to choose leather! Pay an extra buck for the leather and you won’t be sorry.

    I’ve selected for you 5 riding boots that I’ve found on sales at Benvenuti, but there are so much more to choose from.

    We love SALES! Take a look here.

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