Lately I had little time to write anything but a lot more time to think about all sorts of things. Well, when it comes to fashion and outfit choices, I noticed that the most difficult are the ones you have to make in the morning, when you’re running late  and your inspiration is still sleeping peacefully. For those mornings, I thought I should start a new series of posts entitled “Outfit ideas for happy mornings”. Every time you’re in front of the closet staring at your clothes thinking you don’t have anything to wear, check this series and hopefully you’ll feel inspired.

So, for today, I thought about a dress that you can wear almost all year long, and this is the versatile shirt dress. I talked a lot more about this dress here, but since it’s the cold season, I found a few cool #streetstyle outfit ideas to get inspired from.


photo: here

Photos: Pinterest (links on my account)

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