Because I’m 1.60 cm tall and played tennis for a few years, I’ve always searched for tricks to make my legs look longer and slimmer. If you too are looking for this, the next article will really help so you’ll know exactly what works in your advantage.

  1. Wear heels. You may not like it, but they do the job perfectly.0fdbc2da4d18f69c1278bb27247d3bfelike these ones from Melissaready_to_wear_pink_high_heels

  2. Choose shoes with a low cut. The lower the cut, the longer the legs will appear. That’s actually true for both heels & flats.967d390ad9cc3afb0afac408919285a52420001002_2_5_1Flats from ZARA

  3. When you choose a short dress, and no tights, or tights 10-15 den in your skin color, wear nude shoes.f32618c5f1c1c5e26c6ae4414dbe4089

  4. In the cold season, wear dark color tights with dark color shoes/boots. The idea is to not bisect the legs.ee82f9698cd9d8f3ac1a9a573b2ba0cf

  5. Forget about ankle straps. The only way you can get away with it is if it’s the exact same color as the legs.4f56152bd6613e37f98733338aed29cf

  6. Pointed shoes work like magic, as they elongate the legs.03fcb053a736b352de4725c53c233cd7

  7. Tall boots are the best, so choose the ones that stop right below the knee or go higher than that.2c36c19df45fecf5b6b4a23c39810184like these ones:660816-1169247-p661471-1170088-p (1)

  8. If you really want to wear ankle boots with skirts, then at least choose one in the same color as the legs/tights, and make sure they are not tight on the ankle. The larger they are, the thinner the legs will look. Also, make sure their height doesn’t go more than 5 cm above the ankle line.5faee9ca0b8d621e5bc5f634f0708361 6d76290c5d8ed9d41db562e536e8cd45 c0b8f03778c4016473b8b1fb36fa694a

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Tomorrow we’ll discover the best clothes that help us get the longer & slimmer look.




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