Yesterday we discovered the best options when it comes to shoes, and now we will see some tricks of looking longer and slimmer using clothes.

  1. [quote_box_center]Go head-to-toe monochromatic.[/quote_box_center] If you’re all in light green let’s say, it won’t do the job, but black, dark grey or navy blue will do the trick. The best choice is of course black, and you could spice the look by using different textures, for example leather pants & comfy sweater. Photo source: pic 1, 2, 3
  2. [quote_box_center]Tuck it in[/quote_box_center]. You can tuck the front or the entire shirt into your pants, and visually, your legs will look longer.  Photo source: pic 1, 2
  3. [quote_box_center]Learn the perfect lengths[/quote_box_center] When choosing a pencil skirt, you must know there is a perfect length: It’s right at the middle of the knee.  Photo source: pic 1, 2, 3
  4. [quote_box_center]A-lines skirts are also perfect, as the legs will look slimmer in contrast with the volume of the skirt. Usually, the bigger the volume, the slimmer the legs. The law of contrasts works every time.[/quote_box_center]2554aa4983d2e60358c4445ed035cc89
  5. [quote_box_center]Oversize up – skinny down. [/quote_box_center]The same law of contrasts applies here.  Photo source: pic 1, 2
  6. [quote_box_center]High waist pants or skirts.[/quote_box_center] I can do skirts that embrace my waist, but I’m personally not into pants with high waist, but they both help in achieving longer legs, so use them with confidence. 3b30e6cf1736ea5c237164cf4f354df1
  7. [quote_box_center]Shorter tops & jackets. Does it need any more explanation?[/quote_box_center] Photo source: pic 1, 2
  8. [quote_box_center]Keep the maxi to the max.[/quote_box_center] If you go for maxi dresses, than make sure they are long enough. Any length that hides your ankles will do just fine.4cc84457768aef630e1c4dfd5bf0e3b7
  9. [quote_box_center]Vertical patterns[/quote_box_center] 1c6c519e9860016647baf31225a4afbf
  10. [quote_box_center]When it comes to pants, especially if they are wider, make sure the hem is almost touching the floor. The longer the hem, the longer the legs, but make sure it is cut perfectly and it’s not longer than it should.[/quote_box_center] b2ef68f055326b05f4cc8a6f56203a76
  11. [quote_box_center]The shorter the dress, the longer the legs, and of course, the more volume it has, the slimmer the legs will look.[/quote_box_center] 3deb8740f767d9943ababda540cfae3d
  12. [quote_box_center]Don’t forget about shorts[/quote_box_center], as they too make legs longer and are more comfortable than a skirt; no one will see what they don’t have to see :)) Photo source: pic 1, 2
  13. [quote_box_center]Flare jeans, straight leg and slim jeans make an incredible job with the slimming. [/quote_box_center]I too have a pair of flare jeans that I love extremely, and I’m amazed about how slim I look in them. People always think that I lost weight. 🙂916ce936af4fc81a80fa085655f5a0d3

I use all these tricks all the time, and I hope that after reading them you’ll too make the most out of your clothes.  In the end, everything is a game of perception.



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