Book of the week: “Light on Snow”, by Anita Shreve

     I thought about how one tiny decision can change a life. A decision that takes only a split second to make.

    Light on snowlumini-pe-zapada

    In the middle of winter I opened a book… with snow. A lot of snow. This is one of the few books that I’ve read just because of their titles and covers. Why would I read a book called ‘Light on snow’? Why would I be attracted by a cover that gives me the felling of cold, white, and stillness? The answer came later, after reading the book.

    Anita Shreve drew a warm story in an icy landscape. She told her story with simple words, directly, as only a child could tell something. The main character, and at the same time the narrator, is Nicky, a twelve-year-old girl. From the beginning I had the feeling that she grabbed my hand, smiled at me, and together, we started the journey in her world. From time to time we stopped to enjoy a hot chocolate…

    Nicky lives with her father in a remote house in the woods. On one of their regular walks, they find an abandoned baby. They rescue the baby, but lots of questions and concerns arise. The story turns out to be a puzzle that we must solve. Nicky gives us every piece of it, one by one. I was amazed to discover the strength of that little girl. Maybe because of her lack of affection…

    When Charlotte enters the house of the Dillon family, Nicky’s world suddenly changes. She has many questions, but she finds out the answers. Why would a mother abandon her child? What terrible events could lead to such a decision? Nicky sees in Charlotte more than a soulless mother, she sees suffering in her eyes, in her voice. Meeting Charlotte and her baby is like retrieving her mother and sister who died not long ago.

    I could tell you the story in many words, but they are not enough to describe the feelings I had while reading it. I always thought that everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Nicky, at her early age, came to the same conclusion. The very loss of her loved ones eventually led to saving other lives.

    The white landscape, the lights on the snow, give a special aura to the story. It is the perfect background for those frozen hearts that will eventually start melting, and return to life.

    I recommend you ‘Light on snow’. This is a perfect reading for a lazy Sunday, and it goes perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate.

    PS. Why was I attracted by the cover? Because that half face with the hair on the shoulder and the cap made me feel like I was looking in the mirror. There is no smile, no expression on the face. It is easy to imagine that she waits for the spring to come, too.

    Enjoy the book, divas!


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