The best stories are born from passion, success comes with hard work and determination, and great ideas made to last forever are more likely to succeed. Iutta  is all of that.

Iutta is a Romanian brand of bags and leather accessories, that draws its inspiration from the local authentic traditions and reflects into its contemporary design. This is actually a trend that started a few years ago, and its success shows that people are drawn by this modern reinterpretation of traditional symbols and legends. It’ s a way that allows them to  keep traditions and national symbols alive, to feel more connected to their roots. Iutta is not about trends, but about bags that will be as stylish and trendy 5 years from now as they are today.

My absolute favorite collection signed by Iutta is “Longing to Belong”, which reflects the traditions of all ten regions of the country. Traditional motifs and specific elements of each region are beautifully embroidered on each bag.

Iutta has recently launched a new collection, called “Maiastra”, that portrays an ancient Romanian legend about a mystical creature standing at the gate of immortality. The collection is inspired by the flight to infinity and each piece has embroidered the ancient symbol of the bird – goddess.

The collection was launched with a quiz “What gives you wings to fly?” and at the end of the quiz you will discover more about your personality and which piece of the collection suits you the most. Cool isn’t it?

Discover more about Iutta and all its collections on

Which one is your favorite?


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