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    Carti de citit si un premiu de primit

    I don’t know about you guys, but I feel the most intense happiness when I offer myself presents – that I obviously know I deserve. I know my dear ones know me quite well to give me something wow-ish, but trust me (and I think there are many women to claim the same): I know myself, I totally know what an amazing person I am and I also know what I lack – it may be a new purse (others may think I have enough of them, how foolish) or a new book or an old book, but with a new pretty cover that I just can’t miss.

    And if we are to talk about December… well, now you are entitled more than ever to spoil yourself by buying one or more – or all – of these books, and I‵ll even provide you with the motivation, just in case someone asks, because we are so aware of the fact that we can give ourselves presents just because.

    Haruki Murakami – South of the Border, West of the SunHaruki Murakami – South of the Border, West of the Sun

    Geez! I am not so sure that this book wasn’t read by everyone already, but if you haven’t, please purchase it and don’t forget some napkins, because you will cry your eyes out. And you won’t even feel sorry, because the author manages to mix your feelings with those of the characters in such a unique way that you will not be able not to feel entangled and part of the story.

    I know it’s Christmas and no one should cry, but I felt so amazing after reading this book! Let’s call it crying for a good reason – tiny spoiler: it won’t be sad crying from one end to another, you’ll actually get ecstatic at some point.

    richard branson the virgin wayRichard Branson – The Virgin Way: If it’s not Funny, it’s not Worth Doing

    Yes! This title is quite enough of a starter!

    And December is when you feel more attached to childhood, playing stupid games with the relatives you dislike, and when you basically return to a more childish-like self. So, if this book is about keeping things funny – but still, while thinking about grown-up stuff such as entrepreneurship, there must be something good about it, right?

    Or you can just read a few pages and then think about all the chances you had to become richer this year, but you ignored because you like sleep more.

    John Corey Whaley - Highly Illogical Behavior theurbandiva blog booksJohn Corey Whaley – Highly Illogical Behavior

    The title of this Young Adult book sounds great and the author is already known for the previous book called Noggin.

    And it is amazing to return to basic feeling around Christmas: Highly Illogical Behavior is about a boy who never leaves his house because of his conditions: anxiety and agoraphobia. It does not matter whether you have one of these conditions or some other or nothing at all and you just don’t like leaving your house, maybe this book is a great chance to (re)discover the simple joys such as love, hope and acceptance.

    Lena Dunham – Not That Kind of Girl theurbandiva blogLena Dunham – Not That Kind of Girl

    Know Lena? She’s the awesome brain behind Girls, that funny TV series that I cannot help but watch with 2-3 bags of potato chips next to me. Well, I am not encouraging you to eat non-food, as I call it, but trust me, they just go together. But if you want Lena charm during snowy days, minus the potato chips (of course, geez!), you will have to read Not That Kind of Girl – because you will obviously have to put aside eating while reading. You may end up with dirty pages if you read while eating, or eat while reading, and WE DO NOT WANT THAT, right? Books are our angels on Earth, send to love and protect us. Take good care of them!

    Johanna Basford – Johanna's Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for Adults


    Johanna Basford – Johanna’s Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for Adults

    Yes, we need this kind of books. I’d rather keep coloring for a few hours than just smash thing around me when I know this Christmas is a new perfect moment for my relatives to flaunt my cousins‵ families in front of my eyes, telling me that we all get old, no one gets younger and shit like that. So instead of stabbing your aunt with a colored pencil, why not try to put the colors you love in a cute tiny Christmas tree on a page designed by loveable Johanna Basford?

    Just sayin‵, you can still tell your family to fuck off when they ask you why are you a woman if you do not procreate.

    Do you have some books on your wish list?

    [RO] CONCURS: Pentru ca e fain sa daruiesti si stim ca urmeaza cateva zile de vacanta tocmai bune pentru cateva ore de citit de calitate, noi avem de daruit 2 #cartimisto pentru #cititoriinserie. Lasa un comentariu cu top 3 carti pe care ti-ai dori sa le citesti si s-ar putea sa fii tu cea/cel care primeste de la Mos Editura Publica si Serial Readers 2 carti #superfaine:

    Lena Dunham – Nu genul ala de fata si TED Talks – Ghidul oficial TED pentru vorbit în public 





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    1. Am citit anul acesta “Haruki Murakami – South of the Border, West of the Sun” si e fabuloasa! A fost prima carte pe care am citit-o de la acest autor si stiu sigur ca voi mai cumpara si altele. M-am indragostit de stilul sau de a scrie.

      Ca sa raspund si provocarii, iata top 3 carti pe care mi-as dori sa le citesc:
      1. “TED Talks – ghidul oficial TED pentru vorbit in public” (cred ca m-ar ajuta mult pe partea de vlogging, unde simt ca n-am inceput tocmai cu dreptul, ca inca am emotii)
      2. “Girlboss” de Sophia Amoruso
      3. “Frankenstein” de Mary Shelley

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