“Revenge wears Prada” – Lauren Weisberger


    Revenge can be a darling, especially when it’s all dressed in Prada. If Lauren Weisberger’s bestseller The Devil Wears Prada found you reading feverishly and got you rooting for Andrea Sachs – the Angel that doesn’t wear designer clothes -, then the sequel, Revenge Wears Prada, will make you lose even more nights of sleep, since it is twice as enthralling.

    The characters that we’ve learnt to love – or not, as the case may be – are back: Andy, Emily, Alex, even Nigel and Christian Collinsworth. And, of course, Miranda. The events presented in the book take place ten years after Andy’s escape from the fashionable hell of Runway. With a blossoming career, a loving (add extremely rich and handsome to the mix) husband and an unexpected best friend, Andy seems to be living the perfect life. The only problem is the fact that recurrent nightmares ruin what it was supposed to be her most beautiful dream

    Will Andy ever be able to get on with her life without hearing that dreadful “That’s all!” in her head every now and then? And will she get her revenge? Lauren Weisberger makes sure that she answers all of your questions in her typical humorous, breezy style. Summer might be over, but count on this book to brighten even the gloomiest days ahead. I strongly recommend it to all the chick lit readers out there and to all those in need of a break. Enjoy!

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