Wearable Tech: Smart-Chic Jewelry Designed to Trigger Security Alerts

    How would you feel if you could be able to instantly alert someone in case of emergency? I for one would feel more safe & secure.

    I think this is exactly what CUFF had in mind when launching their collection of smart jewelry. Every wearable tech item of the Cuff collection integrates a wireless tracker that can be activated to send an alert to a selected circle of people, simply by pressing it.

    They have three main functions: security alerts, notifications, and fitness tracking…in style!


    Pictures: CUFF.IO

    One might think that pressing a panic button doesn’t ensure help will turn up the next second, which may provide a false sense of security with regards to personal safety. But all the functionalities  combined make each of these pieces a quite useful and interesting addition to any jewelry box.  When you press on the Cuff piece, your selected circle will receive your location, and the Cuff app will begin recording audio so that your circle can hear what’s going on.  If you’re wearing a Cuff piece but you don’t have your phone at hand, your circle can send you notifications (the Cuff piece will vibrate) to check your phone.

    I think I’ll add one to my wish list, and never now, maybe Santa will read it. 🙂

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