I use 2 types of bags:  the small ones (cross body – clutch) and totes (the office style).

I have clutches in different styles and colors, and totes in black, nude and one with multiple colors (I use this one most of the time).  I’m happy with what I have now, as they match most of my wardrobe. I don’t want to owe 30 bags, because I don’t like to change my purse every day (and they take a looooot of space), so when I need a bag I usually try to find the one that I can use all year round, with lots of different occasions. But this is me…

As fall begins and wardrobes change, maybe you need a new bag too. And if I’m right, you are probably using an office style one as your daily bag.

Here are the ones I find interesting for this fall:


Happy shopping,


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