Wearing art & feeling special

Probably all of us agree that experience is the key to grow, develop, learn and live a full life… It was a new experience that led to today’s post, and I really wanted to share what I’ve learned.

Not too long ago I was invited to an art auction, organised by Artmark. I have never been to an auction before, so I could have never imagined how interesting the whole experience can be. The “battle” for an object is really exciting and a true experience in itself, but what really amazed me were the starting prices, which I’ve found to be below market price.

I’m not an art specialist, but when it comes to jewelry, I believe I can spot a good deal when I see it. The pieces were AMAZING, and the idea of purchasing them in an auction makes them even more special. They come with a story, as lots of them are vintage, yet timeless pieces, created by famous designers like Cartier, Tiffany, etc. This is the collection I saw that blew my mind and everything I imagined about auctions. To make it even more interesting, just look at the prices.

This week, on July 8th,  will take place an Art Nouveau & Art Deco jewelry auction, and since yesterday I had the pleasure to try on some gorgeous pieces that will be auctioned soon, I wanted to show you how beautiful they are.

After yesterday, I must admit that I can now understand Marilyn Monroe when she said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. 🙂

Gia @ Artmark

 Gold earrings and necklace with diamonds and aquamarines

White gold ring with diamonds and aquamarines

Gia. Artmark

Gia.ArtmarkSilver earrings with amethysts

White gold diamond ring

Silver comb hairpin with peridotite and rubies 

Silver Art Nouveau mirror

White gold pendant with diamonds and sapphiresWhite gold earrings with diamonds.

Diamonds and opal white gold ring. Silver pouch

Pearls, gold and amethysts


Gold ring with diamonds and citrine

Photo: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

Make-up: Georgiana Mustata

Location: Artmark


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