Balance Your Look – Part 1

    Have you ever stared at your full closet wondering what to wear? Have you ever got mad about not being able to create an outfit that looks good on you, even if you know you have the right pieces? Have you ever look in the mirror and didn’t feel happy with what you’re seeing?

    I bet you have…

    I’ve decided to teach you the basic rules in creating a balanced look… You’ll learn to distinguish your body shape and how to use clothes in your advantage. Plus, you’ll waste less time when shopping and less time dressing up.

    When creating an outfit, I consider two main aspects:

    1. I dress for my body shape
    2. Balance proportions

    In order to dress for the body shape, one must first know exactly what shape she has.

    So, what’s your body shape?



    There are 5 main body shapes:

    Hourglass – the most balanced body shape; torso and hips are approximately the same width; the waist is well defined. You don’t have to be slim to be an hourglass, it just has to do with proportions.

    Triangle/Pear – your upper body is visibly smaller than your lower body; the waist is defined. In order to obtain the proportional look, you must add volume on top. Simple, isn’t it? J You need to draw attention to the upper body and you can do that by using interesting cuts, prints, bright/bold colors, and statement accessories. Whatever you do, keep the focus up.

    Inverted triangle/ Strawberry – your upper body is visibly wider than hips; you have slim legs and maybe a flat butt; the waist may not be very well defined.  What you need to do is to add volume at the lower body. Boot-cut & wide pants can help, a fuller skirt and keep the bright/bold colors & prints down.

    Rectangle – your upper body and hips are approximately the same width, but your waist is not well defined. What you’re missing is the defined waist, so that is what you need to accentuate in order to obtain the proportional look. Wear belts, fuller skirt & slimmer top or vice versa.

    Round/Apple – there is no waist definition, as you’re “round” at the waistline; the hips, waist and bust are close in measurements. You have to accentuate your smaller part, which is probably right under your bust (the empire line). Do it with belts or wear empire line dresses/tops.

    Hope you figured out what’s yours.  I’ll see you tomorrow when will talk about balancing proportions.

    Kiss Kiss,


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