Life in feathers

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You know those slim, light weighted feather jackets that are so in style now? The ones that really keep you warm, even if you can almost see through them?


Photo source: Mango

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA<— Well, I have one (I wear it with a belt); bought from Mango a month ago. It feels like I have no jacket on, and it’s such a blessing considering that I have to wear multiple layers so I wouldn’t freeze, and the jacket usually adds some weight. I feel like a “feather” myself. Mine is so foldable that it came with a little bag to put it in. Amazing little thing!

33007509_M1_D2 (1)

All good and me soooo happy about the new acquisition, until I discovered the downsize.   I was in a public place, took my jacket off and what do I see?  Feathers! All over my black sweater! I looked like I’ve killed the goose myself.  I had to take the sweater off, because it would have been too much trouble to clean it then.  So, no black & feather jacket for me! And when I think I bought this color especially considering it would not be so obvious  if any feather would think escaping….

Wherever I go, I’m leaving some feathers there. My car seat is full already. Every day I leave at least a little one. So, my question now is, “if I keep losing feathers every day, how short is this jacket’s life expectancy?”

I have no idea if all these jackets are like mine, but if they are, the companies should know that there is no point to make such a great jacket if we can’t wear it.  Still, I do like it, so I can’t stop myself from wearing the damn thing, with light colors, of course.

So, dear darlings, if any of you have this kind of jacket, would you please share with me your experience with it, because I would like to discover one with less “loses” per day. 🙂

Yours “featherless”,


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