A love story with a bow…

    Photo: Sebastian Bacioiu

    A few years ago I made the first funky bow tie for my husband… a bow tie made of jeans. Little did I know that in the years to come this accessory used mostly at special events would become such a “must have” item in the modern man’s wardrobe; I’m glad it did.

    I have seen so many bow ties in so many different styles, fabrics & prints, but the ones I discovered at the “Made in RO” Design Fair last December really impressed me. Wood?!  That was a new concept for me so I had to find out more about them.

    After meeting the 2 creative minds behind the project (an architect & a wood passionate) and discovering the story behind it, I like their concept even more. They named it Don Papillon.

    [quote_center]“It’s in your nature to have style”[/quote_center]

    [quote_box_left]Inspiration[/quote_box_left] The wood bow tie was inspired by some little pieces of wood used in the furniture industry to tie the wood cracks. Ingenious, right?


    Photo: Don Papillon

    “Out of respect for nature, this brand fully recovers  noble woods – came from controlled forests in Africa, America and Asia – used in the furniture industry and interior design. It’s a successful combination of craftsmanship and ingenuity: each bow tie is sanded, oiled, engraved and sewed over more than 10 hours of handwork. And also out of respect for the people, the work team includes people with disabilities, very devoted to their work.”


    Photo: Sebastian Bacioiu

    Needless to say that it would make such an original present, that  can be worn by women too, or that I regret so much that my husband couldn’t wear one 5 years ago at our wedding. :))  It is so him…


    Photo: Don Papillon

    So, if it’s in your nature to have style, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this oh so stylish Don Papillon

    Choose your Don right here and bring it home….

    Kiss Kiss,


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