I wish I was my daughter

…Because I wasn’t as smart as she is when I was her age, I didn’t know as many things as she knows and I didn’t go to as many interesting places as she goes, experiencing so many things at such an early age, learning so much and so fast.  But I’m soooo happy that she is all that, happy that we can take her to see so many different places, experience all sorts of things, from kids events and places, to climbing a wall, to walking through art galleries, to all sorts of design fairs, to museums and to a few of my events where I’m invited as a blogger.

For her, everything is an opportunity to learn, to discover, to interact, to develop, to understand, to build self-confidence, to feel natural among people, etc.

No longer than this week, because there was no one to stay home with her, I took her with me to an event with lots of women, themed “Sex and the City” :), a sort of a girls night out where we got to discover and taste cocktails with the YO natural juice. There were like 10 guys in there, probably feeling a little bit awkward with so many women around. She discovered a really good lemonade and how to be in the center of everyone’s attention :), which obviously was so great for her.


You would be amazed how many moms come with their children at this events, mostly for the same reason, but even though for us it’s definitely a bit of a challenge, for them is just another wonderful experience. But, at this particular event, mine was the only kid in there 🙂 which made me feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, but not for too long, as I remembered what a good friend of mine told me once.


I always admired my friend for the way she raised her daughter, and she taught me that by having to take her daughter with her to all sorts of places and events that had nothing to do with children, gave her kid confidence, made her learn so many things and surprisingly, she behaved perfectly in and environment not familiar at all. She built a close relationship with her daughter, relaxed and based on mutual trust.  Her daughter will probably become one of those adults you see smiling and comfortable no matter the situation, while others are shy and afraid to take a step forward. My friend taught me to relax more as a parent and to trust my kid, to not be afraid to expose her to all sorts of different situations, because I will be amazed of how many things she’ll learn and how beautiful she will grow.

So, I guess the next step would be a concert… 🙂 She better learn from us what’s good or bad in this world, rather than on her own when she grows up and we are not right next to her.

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