We’ve always been creative people, it’s just sometimes we forget this. In a country full of art lovers, art galleries, art museums and art creators, there was so much need of an event to gather everyone in one place to remind us of our creativity, to celebrate our cultural heritage and the future of art. That was the purpose of Art Safari, the first International Art Fair held in our country, now at its second edition – Bucharest – 13-17th of May, 2015.

Art Safari


Photo: Sebastian Bacioiu

Yesterday was the last day of the event and it has been my pleasure to walk among beautiful paintings, to be amazed by some of them and get a little bit closer to our contemporary art. It was the contemporary art that I loved the most… a little bit different and very impressive.

Through Art Safari, Bucharest is now on the map of art capitals, a well deserved place if you would ask me. This edition took place in the old Ciclop building on the  Magheru Boulevard, a strange choice maybe for an art fair, but a perfect one once you’re there. The mix of pure beauty with the rough space is a special experience in itself, and it actually emphasize the beauty of art. It feels like  the “Beauty and the Beast” story… I hope they keep the event there, as that’s the kind of thing that it will keep it unique among other international art fairs. Art itself will make any place look precious.

PS. Special thanks to my husband for taking me there.



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