Love is all about percentages…

Incurable romantics will say that you have to find ‘the one’ in order to find true love and happiness. We’ve all been hearing about ‘the one’ for so long, but just a few of us have wondered what it actually means. Do we really find it? Who is actually “the one”?

I’ll bet you’ll say “you’ll know when you’ll find it”.. which can actually be very true. But sometimes, true love doesn’t mean just that, and “the one” might very well not even exist.

Life changes, things happen and experiences transform you… sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but the one thing we all agree on is that we are not now the same persons we were 10 years ago. We are hopefully wiser and we know better.  So, who guarantees  that “the one” you’ve found at your 20s will still be “the one” when you are 40? As I’ve always questioned the notion of “the one” or “soulmate”, this idea I’ve come across a few days ago while watching the “Hello ladies” movie makes a lot more sense or at least gives me something to think about.

I don’t think love is about fireworks, birds singing and the perfect person. Love is all about percentages. Let’s say that 18% of the time you drive me crazy, like insane crazy. But 82% of the time I had more fun with you than anyone ever.

(from the movie)

Well, as scientific as it might sound, love is somehow about percentages and chemical reactions I might add. It’s about attraction, completion and yes, having fun together. And if you found someone that is making you feel ‘the butterflies’ (still a body reaction, as a result of an intense emotion, that actually fades in time because you get used to it :)) ), that you’re physical and emotional attracted to, that you’re having fun with let’s say 75% of the time, than my darling, it means you have found “the one”. Don’t worry, for the rest of 25% he’s going to get you really crazy, but that’s love too and no love is perfect, as no human being is perfect either. The key to staying together forever is to keep the “good” percentage higher than the “bad” percentage. If they switch, than you are probably unhappy, heading for a breakup and a new search for “the one”.

Sometimes, you’ll spend your whole life with your first “one”, but sometimes, you’ll have more. The most important thing is to get old knowing that you’ve always chosen to stay in a relationship that kept the “good” percentage high enough to make you happy. In the end, it’s happiness that we all want, whatever that means for each of us.

So, does this theory make any sense to you? I would love to read your opinions…



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