8 things you really need to know on how to wear animal prints

    When it comes to animal prints, people have mixed feelings about them, mostly because some love that wild side they’re revealing, and some fear that it might be a little bit too much.

    Truth be told, there were some occasions when I saw girls wearing too much animal print and looking not so stylish, because too much of anything can ruin everything. So, when is it too much?

    My first rule (and I know some stylist might not agree) is never to wear a full animal print outfit, unless you’re on stage and you’re Madonna. There are just a few people who can pull it off, and if you’re not among them, just try the safe way to do this.

    These next guidelines guarantee that if followed, you’ll always know what to choose and never doubt that your outfit may look weird, too sexy, scary, etc.

    1. Don’t mix different animal prints. In other words, leopards with leopards, tigers with tigers, zebras with zebras, etc. Like in real life, it’s better not to mix animal breeds, who knows what it may result.
    2. Be careful with proportions. If you’re wearing a dress, don’t go for a long one, because you’ll be too covered up in “animals”. You can wear a shorter one with single-colored accessories, and if necessary, mix it with a single-colored cardigan or jacket.
    3.  Mix with neutrals or even better, with colors. When you’re mixing an animal print with neutrals, you can’t make any mistake, but for a really cool outfit, try a bright color (green, pink, orange, red,etc) or pastels.
    4. One piece at a time. To play it safe, only one piece of clothing can be an animal print. There are a few occasions when you can do 2 pieces, like a jacket and a bottom, toned down by a neutral shirt and accessories- but, again, only some can make it look cool. It’s like that saying “don’t try it at home if you’re not a pro”.
    5. You can mix it with other prints. Animal print can look great with breton stripes, dots or gingham, but don’t forget that 2 prints must share at least one color in common.
    6. Looks really cool with denim.
    7. Perfect for accessories. Bags, shoes, belts in animal print are perfect to spice up any look.
    8. Choose it in a different color. Animal prints are naturally a mix of browns – black – grey – white, but if you choose a coloured animal print, it takes away some of that roughness. Also,     you can opt for an abstract kind of print, or one a little bit faded.

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