Have you ever thought that the date of your wedding could influence the future of your marriage?

Today I have a surprise for you, as we have a special guest writing, that will give us a new perspective on the wedding day, from a feng shui point of view. I know Ioana for a while now, and I found it so interesting that there is a connection between the date of the wedding and the success of the marriage. Since I’m no feng shui expert, Ioana (proballance.ro) agreed to tell us more about it…

The wedding is one of women’s favorite subjects. But the wedding is only the first step in a marriage, in a magic territory with unknown stories and with or without „the end”.

During modern times couples resist less and less, families that you would never expect are broken, sometimes for reasons difficult to understand. Even more, the idea of marriage seems to be useless and reduced to the „pink paper” called marriage certificate.

But as far as everyone has the right to an opinion, I declare myself from the very beginning a supporter of the idea of marriage for many reasons. The most simple is that if it wouldn’t matter it wouldn’t exist.

Starting from this statement and considering that we want our wedding to be the most beautiful moment in our lives, let’s fix all the details!

Most probably you too attended great weddings where everything was perfect, not just  the scenario but also the atmosphere which was natural and you really enjoyed yourself. Others seemed to be from a bad movie where everything felt wrong, the guests couldn’t enjoy any moment and more than this, the bride was looking like a buffoon enjoying even less her great moment.

And if it would be just one bad day, it wouldn’t be such a big issue, but what if the second, the third and the one thousand day will be the same?

There are 2 questions here:

  1. Are the partners compatible and will they be able to “work” together? The wedding party is the first common project which involves resources, management, communication and collaboration with third parties, creativity and most of all common decisions. If the 2 partners do not enjoy the project itself and most of all they are not happy with the result it is not a good sign.
  2. Did the bride and groom have inspiration when they decided on the wedding day? It has to be a day with good astral support, with good luck exactly how a good start needs to be.

Let’s discuss a little bit about the wedding day…

In order to choose the right day for the wedding you need to have a lot of flexibility. If you start from the premises that you want the wedding only in May and only during the last weekend it makes no sense to continue reading this article.

The best wedding day might vary even from  one year to another – this is a rare case but it may happen. If one of the partners is in a bad luck year, the marriage might be affected from this bad start.

I hope I’ve made you at least curious, and if you want to find out more about the criteria for choosing the best wedding day, you can do it here.



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