When you haven’t learned a ‘lesson’, LIFE finds a way to play it on repeat

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If you’ve ever been in a situation when you asked yourself ‘Why is this happening again? Why me?’ than you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about.

At one point in my life I had a sort of revelation, as I was having that odd feeling that some situations keep repeating themselves.  From that moment, I’ve started to pay more attention to my life and my decisions, whether it had to do with a relationship or something else.

In time, I noticed that somehow, life was trying to teach me something and every time I failed to understand what it was, it found a way to put me in that situation again.

I’ve also noticed that this also happened to my friends, and every time something like a breakup or some other disturbing event took place, I asked them if they don’t remember a similar situation before, a similar way of behaving, a similar decision that lead to a similar outcome. And guess what, when they really thought about it, they did remember.

To be more specific, think at your relationships… You break up with someone, and after a while you meet someone else. Usually, the next one, at some point will put you in a familiar situation, and many times, you’ll make the same mistake again, whether it’s something you accept just for the sake of staying together, but in your heart you know you shouldn’t have, or  something that you do or say. Don’t think the situation will be identical, because life is smart, and wants you to see beyond appearances.

Sometimes, life wants to teach patience, so it will put you into situations where you are forced to be patient, otherwise you lose something. Sometimes, it wants to teach you about love, friendship, respect, empathy, wisdom, courage, perseverance, responsibility, about how important it is to take care of your body and  mind, about how important it is to LIVE and not just BE ALIVE.

Every time you fail at something, every time you break up with someone, from every mistake you make and from every unhappy moment you live, there’s always a lesson to be learned. Just think about what it could be and, next time, do it better. Be wiser, open your eyes and you might actually recognize a situation that’s repeating itself, so you’ll know then you’re in front of a ‘test’, and try to prove you’ve learned your lesson.

Most of the times, life will get us out of our comfort zone, because only like that we’ll be able to achieve the unthinkable. The evolution of humanity was based on pushing people to think beyond what they knew, to have the courage to do what others couldn’t, to learn from mistakes and persevere.

Don’t think that I always get it right or that I understand the purpose of many really unhappy events.  Even if many times I recognize the ‘test’, doing what’s right proves really hard, so I fail, and I know I will be in that situation again. I just have to think what is that went wrong, and next time try to do it better. I strongly believe that these lessons, many times harsh, are meant to make us better humans, stronger and wiser, so, the faster we learn them, the better we’ll feel.

You know that saying: “Repetition is the mother of all learning”? Well, from now on just imagine that LIFE is that stubborn teacher you’ve always hated, but later you thanked for teaching you so well.

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