You think hardwood flooring is for floors? Well, think again…

    There’s a wine bar in Bucharest’s Old Town called CORKS. I’ve been there maybe twice, but even though the wine was good, the thing that I really loved was the cozy atmosphere and the wall made out of pieces of wood from old wine boxes. That wood wall is the focus point of the place and an idea worth doing in home decor too.


    There are multiple ways to do this, but the one that’s the most appealing to me is using hardwood flooring on the walls. I like so many of these ideas that I thing the challenge will be to decide where and how much wood to use. This mix of wood, simple lines and stone looks amazing, the combination of rustic with modern furniture really ‘speaks’ to me.

    Because I got a little bit obsessed with this, I searched for ideas on how to incorporate a wood wall in a future home, so these are the most interesting ones I found:

    Bathroom becomes a gorgeous Spa

    Invitation to sleep and happy dreams

    Living space that invites to live peacefully

    Kitchens made for family dinners

    Wood walls on the house facade

    (made by “Parchet pe Viata“)

    When it comes to wood choices, the rustic ones show the beauty of the natural wood and give some texture to the surface…The ones with different shades give color to your walls and the ones with different shapes give that extra something to your design.

    When I mean different shapes, this is what I have in mind. Italians (Listone Giordano) are indeed masters of design… The first time I saw these, I thought they are too beautiful to walk on, but with this new idea in mind, I think they are perfect to cover some walls.

    Feeling inspired ladies?

    Photos: Pinterest,,


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