5 ways to wear jewelry this fall that I totally recommend

    You know me, I love accessories, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this…Like any other fashion blogger, every season I discover the new trends, I analyze them and then forget about the ones that don’t match my style. Obvious, no? Today I won’t tell you about every single trend of this fall regarding jewelry, but I will recommend you 5 that I consider an ‘investment’, meaning that you won’t forget about them next year.

    When I choose my jewelry, first of all, I choose them in many different styles, because to be honest, I get bored of wearing just one thing. I have them in different shapes and colors, so when the moment comes, I have plenty to choose from. Most of the times, you will see me wearing a statement necklace, sometimes a big ring, other times a bold bracelet, and always my watch, my engagement and wedding rings and earrings. When I’m wearing just these last ones, it means either I was in a hurry or I was lazy. Yes, a fashion lover/blogger/DIVA can be lazy too.

    These 5 you may already own, so in case you forgot about them, it’s time to bring them out. If you don’t have them at all, you’ll see that every single one is totally wearable, easy to mix, and many times an outfit “savior”. And I love an outfit “savior” that can turn a simple look into a stylish ‘head-turning’ one.

    The bigger, the stranger, the bolder the better…or statement jewelry in the spotlight again.


    I told you how to wear statement jewelry a while ago, so just check this article for the main ‘rules’.

    Whether it is about earrings, cuffs or necklaces, this fall continues to be about statements and getting noticed. The wonderful thing about statement jewelry, is that it does wonders on simple clothes. In fact, I think they were created especially to make the simplest casual outfit shine, because why not admit it, our wardrobes are filled with simple casual clothes.

    big and bold - accessories trends fall 2015

    Lucky brand necklace
    165 RON – lordandtaylor.com

    Kate Spade colorful earrings
    270 RON – 6pm.com

    Kendra Scott wrap earrings
    250 RON – zeeberry.com

    Sole Society cuff jewelry
    165 RON – solesociety.com

    NOVICA braid jewelry
    200 RON – novica.com

    Bling Jewelry yellow gold jewelry
    83 RON – blingjewelry.com

    Erickson Beamon lace jewelry
    1.805 RON – matchesfashion.com

    Wallis black rhinestone jewelry
    165 RON – wallisfashion.com

    Gold diamond earrings
    14.545 RON – jrdunn.com

    It’s brooches time…


    Les Copains

    Yes, brooches! Your mother or grandmother might own some amazing pieces, so dig a little in their jewelry boxes and get those timeless pieces out, those classic ones filled with sparkling gems. From classic to modern abstract shapes, big if you would ask me, brooches are in again. Good for them, because I have soooooo many. I’ve been wearing brooches for years, every season, and I recommend to apply the “rule of contrasts”: combine a classic sparkly one with modern clothes, or modern ones with classic outfits.

    Brooches - trend fall 2015

    Diamond jewelry
    53.320 RON – therealreal.com

    Edwardian jewelry
    7.915 RON – 1stdibs.com

    House of Lavande vintage jewelry
    2.825 RON – saksfifthavenue.com

    Gucci brooch
    1.205 RON – gucci.com

    Oasis pink jewelry
    110 RON – oasis-stores.com


    You’re already seen fringe on bags, jackets, skirts, etc, why not jewelry too?!  I would wear some metal or leather ones. Wouldn’t you?


    fringe - accessories trend fall 2015

    Chloé fringe jewelry
    3.020 RON – luisaviaroma.com

    Missoni fringe earrings
    2.395 RON – boutique1.com

    Fiona Paxton gold jewellery
    1.145 RON – shopswank.com

    Cocoa black cord necklace
    250 RON – lastcall.com

    BaubleBar cuff bangle bracelet
    185 RON – baublebar.com

    Braid jewelry

    Epoque Baroque

    or ‘I’m the Queen of my closet’. In a few words, big, sparkly, complicated, full of embellishments and gems (precious or not).


    Miu Miu

    baroque - trend fall 2015

    Emma Chapman statement ring
    8.650 RON – wolfandbadger.com

    Miriam Haskell crystal wrap bracelet
    3.665 RON – lanecrawford.com

    Darya London hand crafted jewelry
    1.335 RON – ahalife.com

    Kate Spade 14k yellow gold earrings
    565 RON – neimanmarcus.com

    Floral necklace
    145 RON – statementbaubles.com

     The opposite of all trends above, here comes the


    trend. So that no one feels left outside from the fashion world, the designers propose also very simple long chains with pendants (simple or not). My suggestion: wear more than 1, in different lengths. What these chains do so well, is to make you look slimmer and taller. Myself and lots of you secretly desire this 🙂



    In the end, 2 things I want to add:

    1. If you don’t like them, don’t wear them. Trends are just ideas, there are not rules, and you won’t receive a penalty for not being in trend. Don’t forget, Style is more important than any trend.
    2. All of these 5 suggestions will pass the test of time, so don’t worry about spending money, the    economist side of me is absolutely sure you won’t regret it.


    Photos: Pinterest, harpersbazaar.com, Polyvore

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