UrbanEye Film Festival – film of the city

    Starting tomorrow until the 15’th of November 2015, in Bucharest, at Elvira Popescu Cinema the second edition of the UrbanEye Film Festival will begin, the first festival in Romania that promotes the discussion about the city through film. The reason this Festival was created in the first place, was the need to raise awareness on the city and its architecture, to bring together people interested in the spaces they live in.

    The movies explore subjects like the way people live in cities around the world, urbanization or architecture heritage. You’ll probably meet architects, sociologists, movie makers, but also people interested in the way the city is evolving and the impact it has on our lives.

    This edition brings a new film section, dedicated to films which explore subjects linked to the Romanian reality. One of the movies in this section will receive the UrbanEye Award.

    Thursday, 14 nov, at 17:45 a special projection will start. It’s “INSIGHT. An eye on Bucharest’s art galleries”, directed by Miluta Flueras. All the money raised from selling the tickets to this film will be used for the recovery of Miluță Flueraș, who was injured at Club Colectiv.

    This second edition is also dedicated to Catalina Ionita and Mihai Alexandru, victims of #Colectiv tragedy. UrbaneEye was a project very close to Cătălina’s heart, the result of her passion for urbanism and film.

    You can find more info about this festival right here


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