Fall in love with fall

    As summer vacation is over, we start our “new year” feeling hopefully more energetic & ambitious. Even from the fashion point of view, fall feels more like a new beginning then New Year does. It’s the perfect time for playing with your wardrobe, as you can use some of your summer clothes combined with cold weather items and the perfect time to buy some new clothes that you’ll be using until spring.

    I for one, love the September – October period, because it’s not really cold, and so I can wear my leather jacket over a summer dress, add a beautiful scarf and look so fresh and cool (and a little bit badass). I really like mixing hard (leather) with soft (romantic look).

    From the color palette point of view, just think of the autumn’s natural colors or just wear darker tones of your summer colors.


    Try pops of color! They look great on a neutral outfit.

    Add tights to summer dresses!

    Do wear leather, blazers, comfy sweaters and jeans!

    The perfect combination: little black dress and leather jacket! They are too dark for summer, but great for Autumn.

    Do wear statement necklaces! They look amazing on a simple sweater and spice up your look.

    As you are probably used to, every season we look at the biggest names of the fashion industry and try to figure out the trends. It’s ok to get inspired from them, but I believe more in following your own style then following trends. Even so, I do have some that I like and want to share with you.

    The ‘60s are back! My favorite collection is Gucci’s.




    Pictures: Fashionisers

    See whole collection here…plenty of outfits to get inspired from.

    Oversize is still in!  So you can still wear your big sweater over skinny jeans.

    Poncho is also back! And lucky for me, I have 2 old ones that I can wear again…that’s why I don’t throw away old clothes 🙂

    Try this one from Stradivarius 

    Outfit inspiration:

    Pictures: Pinterest

    Have a great Autumn and feel wonderful in your new outfits!

    Kiss Kiss,



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