Hello World!

Dear darlings, welcome to the Urban Diva!

Hope you’ll find here answers to all your questions & the inspiration regarding fashion, style, home, body and mind. I want to become your friend and I hope you’ll join me in the journey of self discovering.

I will continue to develop the content of this site, so feel free to send your opinions, comments, wishes and topics you might be interested in. I will take them all into consideration.

If you need my advice when it comes to choosing the right dress for a special occasion, feel free to contact me (read more about this here).

So, hello and welcome to my world!


Photo: my multitalented husband – @SBphotography

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Gia is the founder & owner of "the Urban Diva" blog; with a background in fashion, she worked for many years as a wedding dress designer; she also creates handmade accessories. Read more about her on the "I am Gia" page.

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