Something for my soul, something that unites us all

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Last weekend.  Armin Van Buuren. Armin Only – Intense tour.

Maybe you’ve heard about his concert in Bucharest. It doesn’t really matter if you know him or not. Today is not about my favorite music or yours; it’s about the little things in life that give you maximum joy. I don’t consider myself an Armin fan, but I do like a lot of his music.  I went there because my husband is one and he knew that I would love it. I did. So much that I danced all 6 hours, I could barely feel my feet and my back was killing me (because I’m an old lady :)) ) but I had a huge smile all over my face.

love_arminAt one point during the show, he wanted to know if there were people from other countries than Romania. I counted about 8 different nations, but my guess is there were more.  What’s amazing about it is that for those 6 hours it wasn’t about where we were born or what language we speak, it was about music, happiness, euphoria and pure joy. We danced together, singed together and had fun.

[quote_center]Music unites people. [/quote_center]

The majority of people around the world are good people, who care less about conquering other’s territory, who only want to have food on their table, a place to call Home, enough money to have a decent life, friends and family by their side, to feel safe, to be healthy and have moments like this to enjoy.  We all really need the same things. People like me and you are afraid of wars, but will defend our dear ones if we would have to. But the leaders of this world decided that in order to conquer they must create hate, that in order for one to grow, others have to suffer.  So sad…

Maybe one day we’ll live in a different world, one with more common sense and respect for one another, one where people realize that the whole World has bigger issues to solve, like hunger, lack of pure water, climate change, etc. If the Earth is suffering, we all do, and it has nothing to do with where you live and how wealthy you are.

I don’t want to end this in such a sad manner, so I will tell you that this weekend music brought me happiness. The concert was AMAZING (probably the best of his kind). I believe few things can bring us together in such a manner. The atmosphere there was INTENSE and I have never seen 10.000 people that happy in one place. So, congrats and thank you ARMIN! Don’t let the music stop!

I challenge you that at least once a month you do something for your soul. I know every reason you might have for not doing it, and I’m telling to forget about them.  The things you do for yourself are like painkillers for everything that gets you sad.

Write, comment or take pictures of the things you do for your soul under #luvyoursoul challenge. Do it on our Facebook page or wherever you want.  I can’t wait to read  them and get inspired by you. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #luvyoursoul so you can share with us your experiences.

Have many amazing moments and LUV YOUR SOUL,


PS. See the video to feel the Intense atmosphere


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