The 5 – My inspiring songs right now

Music is an important part of my life and I’m sure you feel the same. I find my relaxation, inspiration and motivation in it. Gets my mood up when I’m down and is my partner when I’m driving.

These are the 5 songs that I listen now with the volume to the max. And if you see me in traffic yelling in my car and looking happy, be sure that I’m singing my brains out. I don’t have a good voice, so be happy you’re not in the car with me. 🙂

My daughter’s nanny finds her inspiration in AC/DC – Thunderstruck. She’s 58. 🙂

My husband calms down listening to Prodigy.

Can you guess what my daughter is listening?

What’s your song?

Enjoy and have a wild weekend!

Music: YouTube

Kiss Kiss,


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