What do you miss today?

Tomorrow, on May 13th, in Romania, at the initiative of the band VUNK, we will celebrate “the Longing Day” or the day we remember the things we miss. It may sound strange but the idea behind it is quite interesting: “Longing makes you remember only the truly important things, but more than anything, longing pushes you to do beautiful gestures.” (Cornel Ilie, VUNK) So, by remembering the good times, the most wonderful moments, the persons with which you’ve lived them, it will make you want to relive some, cherish those persons more or just be thankful for the beautiful memories.

So, what do I miss today?

# I miss riding the bicycle with no fear. I haven’t done it in years and this is probably something that I should try to do soon.

# I miss watching a movie almost every night and cuddle on the couch with my husband

# I miss having the weekly meeting at the coffeeshop with my closest girlfriends. Since most of us have become parents and our schedules really hectic, it’s been hard to meet very often.

# I miss reading a book for a few hours uninterrupted

# I miss sleeping well and sleeping late 🙂

# I miss not worrying

# I miss summer and sitting on the beach for a few hours.

# I miss slowing down

# I miss having more time

Surprisingly, I don’t miss my childhood, or particular events. I lived them intensively and took the best of them and now I look forward for the rest of my life.  I don’t miss too many people either. The most important persons in my life are still here, I just don’t see them as often as before.  The things I miss, I guess I can do something about them, if not today, very soon though.

So, now it’s your turn… What do you miss and what is that you can do about it?

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