There’s something about the LBD

    As fall begins, I find myself instinctively grabbing a little black dress to put on. It might sound strange, but I don’t really want to.  At one point in my life, a very long time ago, my closet was almost full of just 2 (non) colors: black and white. When I realized this, I promised myself that it would be the last time my wardrobe would look so sad.  So, my closet got introduced to COLORS.  And I do wear colors now…even my fall/winter clothes are colorful. But there’s still something about black & white that appeals to me.   They never get out of style, they don’t have a season and they’re a must in anybody’s wardrobe.


    Black is sexy, elegant, chic, safe… The little black dress became iconic after Coco Chanel introduced it in the 1920s. It’s the perfect choice for any body shape, any occasion and it will never get out of style. It’s the investment you want to make. Wear it to a wedding (you and probably half of the people invited) 🙂 or a funeral, to work or a date, from morning till’ dawn, it will never disappoint you.  Add a pop of color, some beautiful accessories, and transform it according to the occasion.

    Get inspired with some of my choices:

    Photos:   NISSA     ZARA     H&M     CARMENCITA     RHEA COSTA     MLH

    This weekend I’m going to a wedding. Can you guess what I’ll be wearing?

    You guessed it! Black annnnnnnnd lace. I’m so unpredictable… 🙂

    It’s not one of the dresses that I have just presented here, but one that I designed quite some time ago and never wore it before. I’ll try to remember to ask my husband to take a picture so that I can show you.

    Have a great weekend darlings!



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