5 ideas to wear this autumn/winter season

    You already know that every season we count lots of trends, some more appealing than others. This season, I particularly liked 5, that you can so easily incorporate in your outfits, that you’ll be able to wear for several seasons and even better, that you might already own.

    Black and White Graphics – It’s nothing that has been invented now, it’s  just something that has a big comeback. In fashion, everything comes back… This is a really easy to mix trend, you can do it with solid colors, or to really get noticed, mix a b&w print with another b&w print. In case you forgot, to mix prints like a pro, they must share at least one color in common. In our case, you can’t go wrong since the prints share both ‘colors’.

    Velvet Touch – A lot of women have at least a velvet jacket in their closet, so it’s time to get it out. I personally love the all black look, but with a mix of different textures. So, for a sexier look, bring velvet and leather together…

    Military Power – To get the military look going, just pick a piece of clothing in that special green shade, a military casual jacket, or my favorite, military inspired coats. I like it when the military infusion is not so obvious.

    Comfy and warm knitted dresses – This trend is the easiest to wear not just this season, but every fall – winter – beginning of spring season. If you don’t have a knitted dress by now, you should definitely buy one, in any style you like or fits you best. You can also wear every long sweater that you might have as a dress, or buy one with 3 measures up (like I did), and belt it if it feels better (I do it all the time).

    70’s again –  This 70’s style seems it’s here to stay, since it was a major trend in this year’s SS season, so in case you’re into it, you are happy to know that you can wear  it again. Probably, you already have some 70’s inspired pieces, so the budget won’t be that affected. This is the style of flare pants, boho dresses, fringes and suede. I own a pair of flare jeans for a few years now, and I wear it every single season, in trend or not.

    Photos: Pinterest, vogue.com

    Hope you now have some new ideas for this fall,


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