What about a bag for a statement?

    I’m a woman & an “artist” in my own way; every cell in my body confirms this. I love my shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry, and perfumes. I get excited when I see beautiful things, and when I saw these bags, I fell in love.

    The new collection of Burberry Prorsum Bags – “Bloomsbury” (medium bag) is a masterpiece. It is art on a bag, so of course I dream to own one. I like them all. I just can’t decide which one is my favorite. I have 12 that I really like, from a collection of 45. Damn! They are not cheap, as they start at 1195 Euro and go up to 27.000 Euro (hand -painted alligator).

    My husband’s reaction to the price: “With 27000 we can buy a VW Passat!”

    No one can stop me from dreaming, right? 🙂

    Here are the ones that I love, but you can see the whole collection here.

    Photos: Burberry

    Which one is your favorite?

    Kiss Kiss,


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