Over-the-knee boots are not something new for any of us, but not too many dare to wear them. They may seem uncomfortable, maybe a little too sexy, and hard to mix with your wardrobe. They could be all that, but if you know how to choose them and how to mix them, you’ll love the way they make you feel.

From my point of view, they look best with skirts, shorts and leggings. You could try them with a pair of tight jeans, but I’ll admit that I don’t like how they look. I love them when they are paired with a loose skirt /dress, as I feel the whole look is more balanced and stylish.

The best choice when it comes to fabric is suede, as it fits nice and it’s comfortable to wear. You could also choose genuine leather or other types of fabrics, but be careful as they have to be soft  in order to be comfortable.

The perfect length: If you’re small like me (1,60 cm), the best length is a hand above the knee. If you’re tall, then you can go a little bit higher. For everyday wear, I advice you to avoid too high boots (like thigh high) as they are more proper for evening wear, clubbing, cabaret 🙂 or if you’re a pop singer on stage.


I think they look amazing when there’s a little gap between the hemline and the boots.  Be careful how you choose the rest of the outfit, so it doesn’t look too sexy and you could be misinterpreted. The coolest mix is when you mix styles, like these ladies…

In case you were wondering why should you wear them, first of all, they keep you warm 🙂 , and I love a boot that can keep me warm while I wear a short dress and show a stylish sexy side of me. Yes, sexy and stylish are 2 other reasons to choose them. Another one might be that they make you look slimmer and taller :), and yes, I love that too. Also, you could wear them for quite some time, as  they’ve have already pass the test of time.

For all those reasons, I’ve put the over-the-knee boots on my wish-list.

Did you?


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