I’m a H&M lover, mostly because their clothes fit me very well, the designs are really nice and wearable for many years and of course, the prices are really great for what they offer. That being said, it doesn’t mean I only wear H&M, but I do buy a lot from their stores, mostly casual pieces.

Today I had to go to a local shopping mall and I always go through H&M when I go there. I saw a few party dresses that were really cute and with awesome prices, so I had to tell you too.

The parties and weddings season has just began, so if you’re in need for a beautiful dress at a great price, you should definitely check hm.com. Some of these dresses are available only online, but you’ll find many of them in stores.

I have a few events that I have to attend in the near future, so a great new piece is always welcomed and now I have to admit that I love every single one of these dresses and I would buy them all.

hmprod-9 hmprod-5

This one comes in other beautiful colors…

hmprod hmprod-8

Love the details…


The safe choice…

hmprod-3 hmprod-4

This one is amazing…the metallic details in front are really beautiful, but you can’t see them in this photo 🙂


How bold is this one! Love Love Love

I’m telling you, I feel like a kid in a toy store…

Prices go from about 45 to almost 90 Euro.

So, honestly, would you wear them and where? 


Photos: H&M.com

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