3 Romanian handbags designers you’ll want to remember

    In my search for ‘coolness’ made in Ro I’ve discovered 3 brands that take the concept of bag to the next level. Whether it’s about the concept, the design or the materials used to manufacture them, all 3 share the wow factor.


    Razvan, the creative mind behind Lemnia – handcrafted wood bags,  is young and talented…maybe restless too, but I don’t know him that well. Maybe he can tell us more about him here in the comments section. Together with his father he imagined and gave life to a bag made out of natural wood and genuine leather, that transcends time & fashion trends.This bag is as stylish now as it will be 20 years from now. What started as a “let’s see how it looks” is now beginning  to look more like an actual business that it has been growing since the ‘birth’ of the first bag. The novel concept of using wood to make a bag has drawn a lot of attention on their brand, the design is simple but perfect as it’s focused mainly on the interesting mix of materials.

    In case you were wondering how many things can actually fit in a Lemnia bag, here it is…

    Lemnia Marina and Rosa are my absolute favorite ones, but the folklore collection is also very beautiful.

    IF irinaflorea

    Irina uses mostly genuine leather so it’s nothing spectacular about that, but what gives her designs the cool factor is the geometric shapes in which she crafts her bags, like a skilled engineer. Circles, triangles, rectangles, etc, they’ve all found a place in her collection, that also adds a little bit of humor to otherwise a simple bag.  When I saw her collection for the first time, 2 words came into my mind: simple and complicated, both at the same time.

    if irina florea bags

    I loved this bracelet bag and the circle bag looks so much like a Pac-man when it’s opened.


    Viviana Basan is the designer behind Pompon and her fabric of choice for manufacturing bags: felt.  If you had doubts before  that a bag made of felt can actually look precious, than your opinion is about to change. Colourful and playful bags, clutches and other accessories can be found on her website. My favorite items:

    What do all of these brands have in common? … ingenuity and the certainty that they will not go unnoticed.

    Photos: atelierlemnia.com, pompon.ro, irina florea design



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