Mini by Everpurse – the stylish clutch that charges your phone

    Mini by Everpurse

    Have you ever found yourself in a public place, in desperate need to charge your phone because, well… you can’t live without it?! Surely, this happened to you at least once. I can’t even remember the number of times it happened to me! Good thing there’s a cool gadget that solves that problem. No, I’m not talking about the portable charger that you have to carry around in your purse with you all the time. I’m talking about a purse that you can use as a charger while out and about.

    Yes, ladies. There is such thing as a purse that charges your phone. Of several types and models, in fact. But the one that stands out for me – particularly because it beautifully combines fashion (it’s chic and versatile) and function (acts as a wireless charger) is Mini by Everpurse.

    Small and stylish, Mini comes in three colors: black, turquoise and gold, and can be worn as a clutch or as a wallet. It also comes with a cross-body strap to make wearing it more comfortable, and some cool features.

    Check out the specs of the stylish gadget Mini by Everpurse here.

    Would you wear it?


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