Surviving your wedding – Chapter 3

    Find the perfect place to celebrate

    You’ve made your list, you roughly know the number of people you want to invite, now you can start searching for a place to have the reception. Some choose the date before they find the place; maybe you want a special date that has some significance to you.

    When my husband and I planned our wedding, we searched for the right place before anything. We thought about a particular date, but we soon realized that it will be hard to find the perfect combination. So, we went to some places that seemed right on the Internet, but the one we chose was love at first sight. We walked in and in a matter of seconds my husband said: “This is the one!”. And it was. We decided on  Aristocrat Events Hall – London Ballroom. It had the modern look we wanted, it was large enough and we just had the feeling it was the right choice. I can’t explain the “feeling”, but you’ll know when the time is right.

    Of course the date we requested was already booked (you can’t have it all), but we loved the place so much that we accepted the only date available that summer. We signed our contract 13 months before the wedding!

    So, my advice to you: if you want the freedom of choice, start your planning with at least a year before. You can plan your wedding in a matter of 2 months if you have to, but your choices will be limited and you have to be really lucky to find everything you want, exactly as you want it to be.

    [quote_box_center]If you’ve decided on a wedding theme, then take it into account when searching for the perfect place, as it  has to match your vision.[/quote_box_center]

    For example, London Ballroom is not suited for a rustic wedding. We wanted a modern fairy tale, in an indoor space, and so it was perfect for us.

    Place for the reception: Checked!

    What comes next? The church (in our case). If you want to have the religious ceremony the same day (like the majority of us), I suggest not to wait too much before you check this one too. There is a limited number of weddings that can happen in a church during a particular day. So, book yours early!


    Photos: here & here

    Place for ceremony: Checked!

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