Surviving your wedding- Chapter 7. All you need to know on how to dress your bridesmaids

    I know all eyes are on the bride, but your bridesmaids are your best friends, so they should all be beautifully dressed.

    There are 3 ways you can dress them:

    1. [quote_box_center]Same dress – same color[/quote_box_center]8a45c9c506a3bb1e33530661611fb477
    2. [quote_box_center]Different dresses – same color[/quote_box_center]4492c9f72dc15ecf8b932fa8282a0e4a
    3. [quote_box_center]Same dress – different colors[/quote_box_center].e44d1df2b56ee8c4bed214dd91a36b94

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    How do you choose the color of their dresses? You can either choose a color from the same palette as the wedding decor, or a color that you love and has nothing to do with the wedding decor, but it complements it beautifully.

    At my wedding, the decor had purple as the main color, but with splashes of pink and fuchsia in the floral arrangements. For my bridesmaid I chose fuchsia, as it is my favourite color.

    A friend of mine had a marine decor with white and shades of blue, but the bridesmaids were all dressed in coral. Another friend chose lilac for the decor, and the bridesmaids were dressed in yellow, and her bouquet was white and yellow.raluca&radu-178

    When it comes to the length of the dress, you can also decide from the beginning if you want short or long dresses. I advise you to let them choose on their own the style of the dress, as they have different tastes, body shapes and they probably know better what works for them.

    Decide all of this months before the wedding, as it will take them some time to custom make their dresses.

    [quote_center]From a photographic point of view, the best choice for your ‘maids is same length – same color – different style dresses.[/quote_center]



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