Surviving your wedding – Chapter 11. The best advice I have to give on Hair & Make-up

    Hair and make-up at your wedding… or 2 good reasons that can make you angry and ruin your day. I know, you know and everybody knows you want to look perfect on your wedding day. You want every little detail to be exactly as you imagined, from the moment you wake up in the morning (if you could actually sleep :)) till the last guest leaves the place of the reception. If you could get over minor irregularities that could happen, the one thing that can ruin your day is YOU not looking perfect, even better that you could have ever imagined. For this, choose a hair stylist and a make-up artist.

    I’m neither a hair stylist nor a make-up artist, but I know how to do my hair and how to apply make-up, in a similar way that a specialist would (I said SIMILAR :). All my friends know that and yes, I usually do a good job. But even I went to the specialist, for 2 main reasons:

    1. I knew my hands would tremble that day, I knew I would be too emotional and I would feel pressured to do something extraordinary. My wedding day was the last day I wanted to take risks, so I didn’t.
    2. I wanted them to do something that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own….and I told them that 🙂

    I won’t tell you how to do your hair, or your make-up, but, I do have some advice that could help:

    1. Try the make-up and the hair style before the wedding. Talk to the specialists and tell them  what you might want, listen to their opinions too and together decide the styles you want to try. This was extremely important for me, and as I was to find out, the best decision I took. I went to a hair stylist that was recommended and he changed the color of my hair in the worst possible way. He asked me what I would like my hair color to be, and he did exactly the opposite. BAD BAD BAD boy. So, my hair color was now something like a brown orange something, that made me look like a sick person, and of course, very angry. Lucky for him, it was dark outside and the light inside not so bright, so I couldn’t see exactly the color until next day. Another thing he tried was the hair style for the wedding. I explained what I wanted and again, he did something that had nothing to do with my vision. Plus, I told him how I wanted to wear my wedding veil, and he told me that I can’t wear it up, and he could only pin it in a certain way. Well, you don’t tell that to a wedding dress designer who knows exactly how and where you could pin the wedding veil. (PS. he didn’t know I was a designer 🙂 ) So, I hated everything, the color, the hair style and the stylist too. If that would have happen on my wedding day, I probably would have cried the whole day.

    I went to a different stylist, I got my hair color back, and she made me a nice updo with my not so incredible full hair. Plus, my veil was exactly where I wanted it to be.

    With make-up, the story was a little bit different. I wanted something bold and something that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. She did that, but we both decided it’s a little bit too much for the wedding day and for the style I was going for, so, we tried something softer and more appropriate, as you can see in the pictures.



    gia_machiaj nunta


    2. Make sure the stylist is available on your wedding day. In other words, the stylists promised to be available on my wedding day. That’s important because if they try different styles and decide on the best one for you, on your wedding day they will know exactly what they have to do, and usually, do it better and faster.

    3. Try the make-up on the day of the wedding pre-shooting, if you have one, or with another special occasion. You’ll look gorgeous in the photos and you won’t feel you wasted the money.

    4. Make sure the hair style and the make-up match the outfit and the theme of the wedding, and even more importantly, YOU.

    5. Don’t be afraid to try something different than the usual you, as long as you don’t try it on the wedding day. 🙂 Even a bad hair color can be fixed. 🙂

    6. The make-up should be more intense than usual, because it will not appear on your photos. The camera has this bad habit of making the make-up look invisible. 🙂

    7. If the light in the restaurant and the church is warm (and usually it is), the make-up is more obvious if done in cool colors.

    Hope my advices and my experience helps, and if you need my professional advice regarding your look and your wedding dress, check out the newly launched Bride Stylist service.

    See you soon,


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