This Wednesday we had our dinner at a restaurant in Bucharest called “La Conac”, the one on Pache Protopopescu. We forgot to take pictures but this is less important right now, you can discover it on your own. We went with Erica and I can’t wait to go back. The place doesn’t have like the most interesting design ever, but it’s nice. The best thing though is that it has a small playground area outside and a large one inside with a woman watching over the kids. The area is closed and children are not allowed to leave it without the parent. We left Erica there, she received a bracelet with her name on and gave the woman our phone numbers. The first thing that amazed me is that Erica agreed to stay there without us around. When she decided she wanted to come to us, she went to the woman and said she wants her mommy. 🙂

No tears, no fear, no nothing. Truth be told, the place has lots of toys and interesting things to do there.

While she was playing, we had a lovely conversation with our friends and enjoyed some grownups time. Food was really good and you have plenty to choose from. They even have some kids menus, pizzas, pastas, Romanian cuisine specialties, some Mexican dishes and even burgers. I set my eye on those burgers, but I chose something lighter since it was late. Now I have to go back to try the burgers.

Since the weekend is coming and maybe you want to go out at a restaurant, this one was just tested by us, we loved it and we recommend it.

La Conac 1La Conac 2La Conac Pache

locul de joaca de La Conac Pacheloc de joaca La ConacHave a lovely weekend Divas,


Photos: La Conac

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