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I don’t know about you, but I believe I’m divine, therefore a diva. :)) No, I’m not a singer, a movie star or anything close to that, although I sing quite nice when no one is hearing me, plus I score really well on the Xbox  Lips. 🙂 No, the whole world still doesn’t know my name, but that doesn’t make me less divine. For a while I didn’t thought so. I thought I was the ugly duckling, imperfect, not tall enough, not pretty enough, not good enough, not slim enough, not this, not that. I lived for years feeling bad in my body and tried so hard to hide it.

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I came a long way from that, I’m still not perfect, but definitely wiser, plus I discovered make-up :)).  I understand my body and I know what looks good on it and what doesn’t, so I make the most out of it.  I know I’m pretty as I am, and I know I look best when I’m happy, so I try to work on happiness every day. I have my on kind of charm and I am my on kind of beautiful. I discovered I have more strength than I ever thought so. I gave birth to a child and I survived endless nights without sleeping. I raised her well and I’m proud of that. I overcame pain. I had relationships and I’ve learn from each and every one of them…about who I am, what I want, what I’m searching for, what I can bear  and what I can’t. I learned to let go and understood there’s a life beyond that too. Each year of my life thought me something, and sometimes they were tough lessons. I learned to listen more to my inner voice, because she is always telling me the truth. I discovered I can be loved just the way I am and understood that I’m precious for the people who are precious to me. I’m a friend, a child for my parents, a wife for my husband, a mom for my daughter, but before all these, I am a ME, and for all of them, I’m divine, therefore a diva.

And I believe you are too…

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the Outfit: A tulle skirt made by me, a Mango simple shirt, a vintage pearl piece and Etienne.ro shoes.

PS. Special thanks to my husband who is the talented photographer behind this photo shooting, for bringing out the best of me.

Part of the #infiniteshadesofme project

Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

Location: Acacia Village,  near Bucharest (Romania)

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