13 lessons to learn from the Digital Divas 2016

Another Digital Divas Conference is over and other lessons were learned there… Among them, a few ones on how to be successful in this business, and probably the most important, that somehow stuck to my brain: “Be the purple cow”   (the girls from the Naked PR) :)) – don’t worry, I’ll explain the power of the purple cow in a few seconds.

As with any digital conference, the speakers were mostly online specialists, successful bloggers, PR specialists, magazine editors, photographers, etc. They all shared from their experience, the stories of their success, the ups and downs, the work behind the glam, their vision and their future expectations from the digital world and from themselves. They all gave us lessons, the only thing we had to do was to listen.

If I were to extract 3 main ideas to share with you, ideas that apply to any business, these would be:

  1. Find what makes you special and different, show it to the world and  “Go all the way or no way” (Mihnea Gheorghiu – Group Creative Director, Publicis)
  2. Video Content is the most important trend right now, as people have less time to absorb more information. (but I still believe in the power of written words, so I won’t suddenly become a vlogger)
  3. Get inspired by people. They have the best stories, they have the needs and all you have to do is understand and fulfil them. 

I loved the presentation the girls from the Naked PR (Adelina Bortan and Raluca Cristea) gave, because it was so on the subject and easy to understand. They gathered all their experience and gave us 10 rules of success in the digital world, but I believe they apply in every field. So, here they are:

  1. Tell who YOU are, show your passion and use strong content when you do that
  2. Tell YOUR story. STAND OUT that translates into “Be the Purple Cow” 🙂
  3. Be a connector, become an influencer through great content
  4. Reinvent Yourself all the time
  5. Associate with winners, they will inspire you and help you rise
  6. Don’t lie to yourself
  7. Be Intuitive
  8. Be part of the history, be connected to the real world
  9. Be the first one that shows the world a new path
  10. Listen more, Talk less (well that’s a challenge 🙂 especially for us women, but we all understand why it’s important)

As cruel as it sounds, success is not for everyone and definitely hard to get, but this “Be the purple Cow” way of thinking makes you concentrate on the things that make you – YOU, different than anyone else. I guess this is my theme for this year, so I’ve already started searching for the purple paint :))… if you know a good shop that has it,  please let me know.

Now, I’ll leave you with a few photos from the event:



Photos: copyright: -the- bucharest’s | www.thebucharests.ro

and my own

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